Mission Statement of Hamyar Teb Lian Company:

Hamyar Teb Lian Company has started its activity as a company providing orthopedic services in 1391, the main mission of Hamyar Teb is to try to increase the health and reduce the pain of our compatriots, and in this way, adhering to professional ethics is its priority. has it. The company started its activity by entering the field of import and providing services in the field of spinal implants and joint replacement, and believes that the activity in this field on the one hand requires high responsibility and on the other hand requires accurate knowledge of It has the needs of its audience. For this purpose, while carefully examining the latest technologies in the world and its relevance to the needs of the target Iranian community, it has sought to represent innovative companies. These companies are now known as the leading company in implant prostheses with unique technology in the world.

Hamyar Teb has always tried as a leading company to maximize the efficiency of its equipment for patients in order to be easy to use, to minimize damage and maximum efficiency in joint replacement, on the other hand in order to observe the basic philosophy of this company Participates in the operation only when it is necessary for the patient.

Hamyar Teb Lian Company has defined its field of activity as the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but for this purpose, it spends its maximum effort to transfer modern technical knowledge and technology to Islamic Iran and sells its products in the form of service packages with commitment to after-sales service. Offers surgery.

Given the current situation in Iran and the existence of amputated veterans for 8 years of holy defense, this company has set its work priority on the introduction of technical knowledge and technology of amputation of prostheses, so that it may make a small contribution to the execution of religion to these great men. . In the hope that one day patients in need will achieve maximum services with the least pain.

?How can we help you

Treatment and helping you dear ones is a multi-stage process and group work that needs to be evaluated before any treatment by our expert team, which consists of the best in this field in Iran, and by identifying the best treatment method, the treatment process that includes The preoperative stages begin during the operation and after the operation.

This process starts from the first preoperative consultation and will continue during and after the operation. We will be by your side as a family in a close relationship with you to help you achieve full and normal mobility. All our efforts are to make the treatment process, including surgery and rehabilitation, as simple as possible and with the least effort for you. Our medical services include the following:

  • Knee replacement
  • Pelvic joint replacement
  • Amputation
  • Cruciate ligament repair

Our goal is to bring new meaning to your life by direct mobility and improving the quality of life.