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Implantation of artificial legs
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Endo–Exo Implantation systems
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Advantages of the EEP

No need for correction if the patient’s weight changes – there is no change in performance if the weight changes.

The exo-prosthesis can be attached and removed in only a few seconds. In contrast to the conventional socket prosthesis possible variations of the stump’s volume have no impact on the alignment of the prosthesis.

A wider range of motion and free movement in all levels, not inhibited through the annoying and bothersome edges of a socket regardless whether you are laying down, sitting, standing, or walking.

Endo–Exo Implantation systems

“Endo-Exo- implantation systems are made for prosthetic rehabilitation after limb-amputation, which makes the conventional socket prosthesis unnecessary. The physiologic course of motions during ambulation as well as the human anatomy have been … (See more)

What we need to know about artificial leg implants

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Implantation of artificial legs in Rasht

One of the problems with socket prostheses is that the prosthesis is heavy for people with disabilities and infections. Using the idea of a dental implant, the implant is implanted inside the bone of the amputated limb. In the next stage, which is after 45 days, the prosthesis is installed on the limb and the patient can walk like normal people after 24 hours.